Josh&Hayley : holding hands

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i wrote this last night, it may not be worth reading. i'm still adjusting it and so on

"she could feel it
building in her ribcage
pounding in her veins
now they're on the same page
heartbeats quickened
at the mention of a name
bones shattered by sound

an infectious disease
he took root in her brain
a glutton for punishment,
she showed no disdain

as she sleeps
she wishes she'd wake
from dreams replayed
her sanity at stake
as he sleeps
he wonders if she dreams
of pretty hearts
being ripped at the seams
she's sewn up those wouds
extra tight
just to be safe
for one more night

the numbness spread
her fragile frame frozen
he left in the night while
she was tired, simply broken
bring out the antidote
it won't help her now
an actor, having played his part
steps out with a modest bow

a broken heart fixed
with tape and glue
she's always the one to give
credit where it's due"
Josh&Hayley : holding hands

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033-052 -- Fall Out Boy
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